What is Cycle Speedway?

What is Cycle Speedway?  Cycle speedway is a form to bicycle racing on a small oval shale track around 70-90 metres long. Like motorcycle speedway riders use equipment with no gears and no brakes.

When did it begin? Cycle speedway began on former bomb sites at the end of World War II. The sport began in London and slowly started to move north into the Midlands and further north by the 1950’s. Since then many clubs have sadly dissapeared but currently their are still around 38 clubs still running from as far north as Edinburgh right down to Exeter.

How are races/meetings run? Matches or meetings are run mostly in the weekends between March and October. Each race or heat consists of four riders, two from each team. Races involve four riders riding anticlockwise for four furious laps with points going to the riders as follows:

1st 4pts, 2nd 3pts, 3rd 2pts, 4th 1pt. A meeting can have upto 18 heats in which teams accumulate the points and the winner is the team with the most points.

Is it big in other countries? Cycle speedway is raced in the UK as well as in Poland, Australia and recently tracks have been built in New Zealand and Japan. In the past riders have come from Holland, Sweden and USA. A Nations Cup is raced for between England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales and also World Cups.