Birmingham won the battle of the Monarchs on Sunday by defeating the Leicester Monarchs at their Slater Street track. Whilst Birmingham were missing Nathan Groves the home side had several key riders absent.

The home side kept things tight in the early stages with a run of drawn heats punctuated by a 6-4 to the visitors in heat 3 within the first 5 heats to hold a narrow lead (24-26) however 3 maximums out of the next 4 heats saw Birmingham take full control of the meeting leading up to the interval (38- 52).

After the break Leicester continued to scrap for every point even taking a maximum of their own in heat 14 with some hard but fair racing. However one home advantage gave a true representation of the meeting as Birmingham took 3 further advantages in the 2nd half to help build a comfortable lead and victory.

For the home side Mike Baldock top scored whilst veteran Dave Frith was a huge force however star of the day was Ewan Hancox who was largely untroubled racing to a full 5 ride maximum. Support was solid with 7 of the 8 riders taking at least a paid win.

In the 2nd division fixture Birmingham again took victory due to the visitors having too many doubling up penalty points. solid scoring ensured the visitors again taking victory. Phil Widdas rolled back the years with some solid battles and passes whilst the young Monarchs all rode well for their points with Connor Steel taking a 4th to 1st win in heat 14 to join his team partner at the front.

Leicester Monarchs 80 v BIRMINGHAM MONARCHS 100 – Ewan Hancox 20 (5), Mark Winwood 16+2 (5), Chris Timms 16 (5), Ricki Johnson 14+2 (5), Scott Millward 14+2 (5), Paul Timms 8 (3), Steve Hodgkinson 6+1 (3), Jake Steel 6+1 (5).

Leicester 52 (81-39 penalty points) v BIRMINGHAM MONARCHS 57 (69-12 penalty points) – Phil Widdas 10+1 (3), Rebekah Humphries 10+1 (5), Connor Steel 9+1 (5), Steve Hodgkinson 7+1 (2), Charlie Buet Gannon 8+1 (5), Ryan Winwood 8+1 (5), William Arkinstall 7(3), Jake Steel 7 (3).

The mini Monarchs travelled to Exeter on Saturday for the 3rd round of the Nationals YJL. Connor Steel moved into 3rd place in the standings in the U12's category with an A final appearance, however an exclusion for moving at the start stopped his chance of a rostrum finish.

Rebekah Humphries had her best round so far resulting in a win in the B final and seeing her move up to 10th in the U12’s category. Charlie Buet Gannon took 3rd place in the B final of the U10’s giving him his best result to date. Jake Steel came 4th in the C final of the U18’s.

This weekend will see no track action for the Monarchs while the club get prepared for 2 big events for the club as they host the semi finals of the senior British championships on Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th of August both events at 7PM.


FB_IMG_1502058285764 (1).jpg

Birmingham Monarchs took victory in league action at East Park on Sunday, with all 3 teams winning their division matches , 24 hrs previous having hosted the Eurovets Orchid Masters in awful conditions.

Track conditions on Saturday proved troublesome with 2 huge downpours of rain left the track unridable, however massive efforts were made by both volunteers and riders to rid the circuit of the standing water on both occasions meaning the meeting could be completed.

Once the heats were completed the knock out stages began with 3 Monarchs riders making the final stages. The 40’s final was won by Leicester former world champion Dave Hemsley whilst Mark Winwood took 3rd.

In the 50’s it was another Leicester winner with Norman Venson taking the win whilst Monarchs duo Paul Timms (2nd) and Steve Hodgkinson (3rd) also made the rostrum. Timms also took victory in the 60’s final. Chris Callow making a return to the sport however missed the knock out stages on 9 points.

The Monarchs victories in East Park came all to easy. The Wolves are seriously lacking top end power but what they lack they gain in youth and enthusiasm and they can only get stronger. Chris Timms, Winwood, Hancox and Hodgkinson took maximums in the 1st division encounter.

In the 2nd division encounter all 7 riders scored double figures with Jake Steel racing to a 5 ride maximum alongside unbeaten scores for Hodgkinson and Widdas. The Juniors also continued their winning ways with a 17 point victory with 3 riders unbeaten.

East Park 61 V Birmingham Monarchs 117 – Chris Timms 19+1(5), Scott Millward 17+3 (5), Ewan Hancox 17+3 (5), Ricki Johnson 16+2 (5), Mark Winwood 15+1 (5), Jake Steel 14 (5), Steve Hodgkinson 10+2 (3), Paul Timms 9(3).

East Park 24 (51-27 penalty points) V Birmingham Monarchs 56 (95-39 penalty points) – Mark Winwood 17+2 (5), Jake Steel 16+4 (5), Connor Steel 16+1 (5), Ryan Winwood 14+1 (5), Steve Hodgkinson 11+1 (3), Phil Widdas 11+1(3), Bekah Humphries 10 (4).

East Park 31 V Birmingham Monarchs 48 – Connor Steel 16 (4), Ryan Winwood 15+1 (4), Bekah Humphries 13+3 (4), Samuel Price 4 (4).

The monarchs travelled to Stoke on Sunday for a challenge fixture. The home club missing several key riders which meant they were never going to
seriously push the visitors on 18+2 (5), Ewan Hancox 17+3 (5), Jake Steel 15+1(4), Nathan Groves 12+2 (4), Steve Hodgkinson 11+1(3), Phil Widdas 10+2 (3), Connor Steel 8 (3),

This weekend the Monarchs travel to Leicester for league action on Sunday at 2PM whilst on Saturday Mini Monarchs travel to Exeter for round 3 of the Nationals YJL with Connor Steel hoping to force his way from 4th place into the top 3.

Training continues every Tuesday and Thursday at the track, 6pm under 16’s, 7pm seniors. Newcomers welcome.

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Timms Wins in Wet Wales

Round 5 of the Eurovets series travelled to Newport on Saturday in what turned out to be in treacherous conditions with heavy rain falling throughout. Racing on the pacey Welsh circuit proved hard work for the riders.

Paul Timms took his 2nd victory of the series by outgating home hero Colin Simmons to seal victory in the 60”s A final. Paul also made the 50’s B final and let slip 2nd place but held on for 3rd from his Monarch team mate Steve Hodgkinson.

Mark Winwood also made the A final in the 40’s and battled hard throughout the race trying a wide outside pass on the last lap which forced race leader Kev Burns to make a defensive move, whilst Northumbrian Jason Keith slipped under both to steal the win on the line, leaving Winwood having to settle for 3rd on the day.

On Sunday the Mini Monarchs took on Brandon in 2 challenge matches. The rain stayed away and the action took place in glorious weather. In the first match the U12 Monarchs proved much to strong for the Brandon youngsters however the visitors turned the tables in the 2nd division friendly by taking a comprehensive victory.

Round 2 of the Nationals YJL came to East Park last Saturday. Connor Steel starred for the Monarchs taking 2nd place in the A final in the U12’s. Bekah Humphries also competed and came 4th in the C final. Both an improvement on round 1.

For the first time we had representation in all age categories. Ewan Hancox took a win in the B final of the U18’s with Jake Steel scoring 8 points. Ryan Winwood took victory in the D final of the U14’s whilst Charlie Buet Gannon was 2nd in the C final of the U10's. Newcomers Izzy Buet Gannon and Samuel Price took part in the U8’s scoring 4 and 5 respectively.

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FB_IMG_1500291405995-1.jpgBirmingham Monarchs went down to an agonising last race defeat at Ashmore Park on sunday after having control of the meeting right till the latter stages. An exclusion for Nathan Groves in that final race sealed victory for the home side.

The Monarchs were behind from the off conceding a maximum heat however good fortune smiled on the visitors in heat 3 with Winwood taking advantage of the Aces pairing who were out ridden by Chris Timms.

In between the run of drawn heats Birmingham took a 6-4 in heat 8, won by Millward whilst team partner Groves rode an excellent defensive race in 3rd.

2 points up going into the interval a further advantage in the 11th with an all action race seeing bike to bike clashes and a retirement for Aces rider Griffiths with several missing spokes. Winwood again coming out on top. Birmingham now 5 up (52-57)

2 more drawn heats maintained that advantage. Heat 14 saw the Aces hit back with a maximum of their own to put themselves right back in contention (69-70) and followed that with a 6-4 in the 15th to move one point ahead, only the 2nd time in the match since heat 2.

Millward reeled off his 3rd straight win in the 16th however Johnson was relegated to the back by some smart riding by the Aces duo that stopped the Monarchs moving ahead. When the Monarchs slipped to a further 6-4 against in the 17th it left Birmingham needing a maximum in the last race.

Groves lead the race and in trying to help his team mate took the chasing Aces rider onto the kerb and was excluded for giving no room to race. The Aces finished as they started with a maximum to secure the win.

The Monarchs can feel some pride in taking the reigning champions to a last heat decider and they will have known they were given a tough meeting.


Wednesfield Aces 93 v BIRMINGHAM MONARCHS 85 – Ricki Johnson 15+2 (5), Scott Millward 15+1 (5), Mark Winwood 14 (5), Ewan Hancox 12+1 (5), Chris Timms 11+2 (5), Nathan Groves 8 (5), Steve Hodgkinson 7 (3), Paul Timms 5+1 (3).

In the 2nd Division meeting the Aces won comfortably. Ryan Winwood top scored with paid 15.


Wednesfield Aces 86 v BIRMINGHAM MONARCHS 56 (63- 7 Penalty points) – Ryan Winwood 14+1 (5), Jake Steel 12+1 (5), Connor Steel 9+1 (5), Billy Winwood 8 (5), Charlie Buet Gannon 8 (5), Phil Widdas 7 (3), Steve Hodgkinson 5+1 (2).

In the 3rd Division the mini Monarchs continued their winning ways , taking a 10 point win. Billy Winwood dropped a single point.


Wednesfield Aces 70 v BIRMINGHAM MONARCHS 80 – Billy Winwood 17+2 (5), Connor Steel 16+1 (5), Rebekah Humphries 16 (5), Charlie Buet Gannon 13+3 (5), Ryan Winwood 14+2(5), Izzy Buet Gannon 5 (5).

Round 2 of the Nationals YJL came to East Park on Saturday. Connor Steel starred for the Monarchs taking 2nd place in the A final in the U12’s. Bekah Humphries also competed and came 4th in the C final. Both an improvement on round 1.

For the first time we had representation in all age categories. Ewan Hancox took a win in the B final of the U18’s with Jake Steel scoring 8 points. Ryan Winwood took victory in the D final of the U14’s

whilst Charlie Buet Gannon was 2nd in the C final of the U10’s. Newcomers Izzy Buet Gannon and Samuel Price took part in the U8’s scoring 4 and 5 respectively.

Veteran Monarchs travel to Newport Wales on Saturday for round 5 of the Eurovets series whilst at present the club are in discussions to host a challenge fixture this Sunday. Check our social media for updates.

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Ewan Hancox raced to a magnificent 19 points as the Monarchs took victory over Newport in Cross Over league action on Sunday at Perry Hall Playing Fields. The 17 year old coming of age as he top scored for Birmingham with the home side winning 94 – 82.

Both teams had riders missing which evened up the line ups with 2nd team riders filling those places. Both teams looking fairly balanced and a close encounter was expected. With a run of 3 opening drawn heats it was going to take some on track moments and refereeing decisions to potentially move the match one way or another. Newport will probably point to 3 refereeing decisions that put them on the back foot.

The first of those in heat 4 saw Dan Bock excluded for moving at the start, Birmingham capitalising with a Winwood/Hodgkinson maximum 7-2 breaking the deadlock. A further maximum in the 6th (Hancox/Groves) was however nullified with the Stars taking their own in the 7th. The next 2 heats were drawn with the interval scoreline 47-42.

Newport suffered their 2nd moving at the start infringement in heat 11 however where able to take some consolation by winning the race, although it was a 5-4 advantage to the Monarchs (57-51). It was a further advantage in heat 13 by the Hancox/Groves partnership whilst controversy ruled in heat 14 in a tight tussle Newport man Dale Clarke was thrown out of the race on the 3rd lap after making a pass, with no communication given to either team manager of the reasoning. A potential drawn heat turned into a Monarchs 6-3 and a stretched scoreline. (74-63).

When Paul Timms crossed the finish line in first in heat 16 the home side were as good as home dry, whilst the last 2 races saw maximum advantages to both teams one apiece.

The Monarchs riders had 7 of the 8 team members taking at least one paid win on the day in a solid team effort. For the Stars Chris Davies raced to 3 heat wins whilst former Monarch Jack Harrold was unbeaten but for a tapes exclusion.

BIRMINGHAM MONARCHS 94 – Ewan Hancox 19 (5), Chris Timms 17+1 (5), Mark Winwood 14 (5), Nathan Groves 12 (5), Paul Timms 11 (4), Steve Hodgkinson 9+1 (4), James Chattin 9+1 (5), Jake Steel 3 (3) V NEWPORT 82.

There was a friendly 2nd division match to follow with the emphasis very much on friendly! Newport 1st team riders took on a team of junior Monarchs with the youngsters coming out on top, very much due to Newport riders racing each other and letting the kids take some very valuable scalps!

Birmingham travel to Wednesfield next Sunday (16th July) in a crucial league fixture. The action starts at 1pm. The Monarchs again had a presence at the Sutton Games on Saturday with nearly 200 youngsters coming to visit us and try out the sport.

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Sutton based youngster Charlie Buet Gannon took 3rd place in the Midlands Under 10’s Youth and Junior League (YJL) in June this year. Charlie only tried the sport last year at the Sutton Games where again Birmingham Monarchs will have a stall and a mini track for youngsters to come and try.

Charlie has been training regularly with the club and has become a vital member of the junior 3rd division outfit for Under 14’s. He was part of the team that were crowned champions in 2016.

The YJL is an age specific competition for youngsters of all ages with the under 8’s and 10’s seeing a rapid growth over the past couple of years. Charlie’s performances have seen others sit up and take notice particularly this year.

Club coach Steve Hodgkinson said “Charlie has really grown in confidence and ability this year. He started very shy and reserved but has become more outgoing and I have seen a desire to win. He is even beating youngsters older than himself. Charlie also took part in his first National round of the competition last Saturday, winning the C final. He got better with each race.”

We are looking forward to meeting more youngsters and parents this Saturday (8th July) at out stall and track at the Sutton Games and see if we get more children interested in cycling. We are there all day so feel free to come and say hello. Last year we saw over 300 youngsters come try our sport so

we expect to be as busy as last year.

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Birmingham Monarchs won the clash of the Monarchs as Leicester were beaten at Perry Hall Playing Fields on Sunday. The home side were never headed after a maximum in heat 2. Birmingham dropped no heat advantages throughout whilst the Monarchs of Leicester were able to draw 12 of the 18 heats. Both teams had riders missing but it was the home side who faired slightly better in the final analysis.

A costly gate exclusion for Marchant in the 7th handed the home club a 7-2 and by the interval Birmingham were 15 points clear (52-37). Luke Draisey, on his Monarchs debut took his 2nd win in heat 10. An impressive performance for someone who has barely been on a bike in 2 seasons!

Ricki Johnson was electric all day, barely being troubled by the opposition on his way to a full maximum. However on a day of solid scoring all riders contributed to the teams total. For the visitors it was former World champion Dave Hemsley who rolled back the years with 18 points, beaten only by Johnson.


BIRMINGHAM MONARCHS 99 – Ricki Johnson 20 (5), Ewan Hancox 16+1 (5), Scott Millward 14+3 (5), Chris Timms 14+1(5), Luke Draisey 12 (4), Nathan Groves 10+2 (5), Paul Timms 8 (4), Steve Hodgkinson 5 (3) v LEICESTER MONARCHS 80.

In the 2nd Division match the home side were no match for an experienced Leicester team. The team, full of girl riders made some great decisions on track and took a deserved win. For Birmingham mini Monarchs Connor Steel and Charlie Buet Gannon were in the points whilst Rebekah Humphries also battled hard. Jake Steel top scored.


BIRMINGHAM MONARCHS 49 (65 – 16 penalty points) – Jake Steel 13 (5), Connor Steel 12 (5), Ewan Hancox 10+1 (3), Rebekah Humphries 9+1 (5), Phil Widdas 8+1 (3), Charlie Buet Gannon 7+2 (5), Josh Davies 4 (4).

On Saturday mini Monarchs travelled to Kesgrave for 1st round of the Nationals YJL competition which had 132 riders competing over the day.

Charlie Buet Gannon won the C final in the U10’s but got better with each race, saving his best for last.

In the U12’s Connor Steel missed out on the A final by a point, a costly one due to the tapes swinging loose and catching his helmet which put him off and missed by the referee. Worse was to come as he came in 4th in the B final.

Rebekah Humphries missed out on the final stages by one point but rode impressively in a very strong line up.