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2018 Fixtures Of The Birmingham Monarchs


Midland League Fixtures:

• 4th March, Leicester vs Birmingham (Away) ~ Midland League ~ POSTPONED

• 1st April, Birmingham vs Wednesfield (Home) ~ Midland League ~ POSTPONED

• 15th April, Coventry vs Birmingham (Away) ~ Midland League

• 29 April, East Park vs Birmingham (Away) ~ Midland League

• 27th May, Wednesfield vs Birmingham (Away) ~ Midland League

•8th July, Birmingham vs Leicester (Home) ~ Midland League

• 12th August, Birmingham vs Coventry (Home) ~ Midland League

• 2nd September, Birmingham vs East Park (Home) ~ Midland League

Gold Cup Fixtures:

• 18th March, Coventry vs Birmingham (Away) ~ Postponed

•20th May, Leicester vs Birmingham (Away)

•10th June, Birmingham vs East Park (Home)

•1st July, Birmingham vs Wednesfield (Home)

•30th September, Birmingham vs Coventry (Home)

•7th October, Birmingham vs Leicester (Home)

•14th October, East Park vs Birmingham (Away)

21st October, Wednesfield vs Birmingham (Away)

Mid Week League Fixtures:

•24th May, East Park

•21st June, Birmingham

•10th July, Coventry

14th August, Leicester

4th September, Wednesfield

Additional Fixtures:





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