Day One of Birmingham Track Work

On the first day of our track work we made quite a lot of progress throughout the whole day, even though we did encounter a number of issues. To begin the day we had intended to dig up the first and second bend of our track using the mini digger we had rented for the weekend.

After making progress with the mini digger on the first bend we were soon forced to abandon this due to a sudden downpour of rain which made the track to wet to operate on without harming the track. This meant we was forced to proceed by hand with shovels, this did mean it took longer than intended to clear the first bend but eventually we finished and begun to lay the new shale.

After finishing on the first bend half of the group moved onto the second bend, to try to get that relayed before it got to dark to continue working, whilst the other members of the group started digging a hole for our lights and wiring to be put in place and connected.



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