Ricki Romps to Victory in Coventry

Birmingham Monarch Ricki Johnson raced to victory on sunday in Coventry in the Chris Allen Memorial Senior Final.
Johnson raced to 5 wins to take the title with a 20 point maximum. Johnson was probably the favourite before the meeting with a mixture of quality standard riders and local talented youngsters.
Opening with a win over team mate Winwood who pressured him throughout a second race saw a tapes to flag win. Heat 11 saw him pitched against the also unbeaten Craig Marchant but took a masterful win with local favourite Kyle Roberts taking a tumble.
Heat 16 was another comfortable win before he sealed the glory with a 5th win in heat 18 over a chasing Dave Frith. Marchant with just the one defeat to the champion took 2nd place on 19 whilst Frith, beaten by both the top 2 took 3rd overall.
Winwood meanwhile finished 4th on 16 points but was quick all day with 2 outside grids not helping his own hope for glory.
Paul Timms and Ewan Hancox both took part racing to 12 and 14 points respectively.
During the day the club hosted 3 individual meetings for the ever emerging growing numbers of youngsters within the area and Midland clubs in general.


Johnson on the winners rostrum


Rebekah Hmphries at Coventry

Junior Monarch Rebekah Humphries rode in the Under 11’s championship and put in a very solid and noteworthy performance. Racing to a win in heat 3 a 2nd place next time out kept her in contention. A 2nd place to champion elect Wyatt Jacobs in the 11th meant she was still in the running.
A win in the 16th meant that heat 18 was the race to decide who finished on the rostrum with all 4 riders on 14 points. Humphries was nearly to the front off the 2nd corner but couldn’t quite catch the young BMX star Jack Wilkins who impressed doing cycle speedway.
Humphries just shy of the rostrum on 17 points but won plenty of admirers as being 1 of only 2 girls racing in the competition.

The Birmingham club are hoping to end their season with a big individual meeting and dates are being discussed at present so look out for information!
The Midland clubs are due to have their AGM in the coming weeks (with a pre AGM set for yesterday (Tuesday)) with enforced changes due from its governing body for next season there will be plenty to discuss and digest.

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