Close Encounter in Dorset

The Monarchs traveled to Poole on Sunday for an Elite League exhibition fixture in front of a healthy crowd.

The match had all the hallmarks of a close encounter when the two teams were declared and so it turned out as the lead swung backwards and forwards with never more than 3 points between the sides up to heat 15.

Then Poole clinched two 6-4’s to give themselves breathing space and although the visitors hit back with a 6-4 of their own in heat 19 the victory was in the bag for the hosts.

Fair weather and a healthy crowd made for an entertaining spectacle as World No.2 Chris Timms made a successful comeback after injury including the only Birmingham race win over Matiej Ganczarek in a brilliant heat 18.

The Polish star turned the tables 2 races later in an epic heat 20 finale with barely a single bike’s length between all four riders as they crossed the line.

Jay Briggs and Ben Tinsdale with two race wins apiece confirmed their excellent progress for Poole while for Birmingham, Ricki Johnson and Mark Winwood gave solid support to Chris Timms. Only a challenge? Try telling that to the riders who turned on an excellent exhibition of racing.

Poole 102

Matiej Ganczarek 23, Ben Donohue 16+1, Steve Harris 14+2, Dean Hook 14+1, Jay Briggs 13+2, Wil Bristowe 9, Ben Tinsdale 8, Pete Chant 4.

Birmingham 97

Mark Winwood 21, Chris Timms 19+2, Ricki Johnson 16+1, Nathan Groves 14+1, Paul Timms 11+1, Daniel Garner 9+1, Luke Draisey 6+1, Phil Widdas 1.

The junior Monarchs traveled to Coventry on Saturday for round 3 of the BYJL.

Connor Steel made it 3 wins out of the 3 in the U10’s with an A final win, whilst Dylan Hawtin came 5th winning the B Final.

Ryan Winwood came 5th by winning the B final in the U14’s with William Arkinstall 2nd in 6th place.

The veteran Monarchs travel to Poole on Saturday for round 3 of the Eurovets series.

There is no track action this Sunday at Perry Hall Playing Fields.

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