Timms “Can’t wait for 2016”

“I can’t wait to see what 2016 brings” says Monarchs number one Chris Timms on the news that the Birmingham club are returning to the Elite League next season.

Timms himself can look back on a successful year as he saw club and personal development, which included finishing runner up in the World Final.

“Losing the run off for the World Title was hard to take at the time. Obviously the decision to exclude me cost me victory which was the hardest part to take.”


Timms takes 2nd in World Final

“I’m proud that the club won the British Club Championship this year despite not having our strongest line up there and just goes to show what we can achieve. I couldn’t be happier with that achievement.”

Timms works as hard off the track as he does on and puts his club ahead of personal glory every time, seeking sponsorship that helps makes the club more noticeable in the surrounding areas.

“I’m so grateful of the sponsors we have had this year so can I thank the Bilash restaurant on Kingstanding road and the Tennis Court pub on Walsall road for the sponsorship this year.”

“The Tennis Court has been the place we all get together after meetings and they have looked after us and our visitors well.”


Birmingham celebrate at the Bilash restaurant

Last week 30 of the club members spent a social evening at the Bilash which included riders, parents and juniors.

“We arranged this get together to thank the management and staff of the Bilash restaurant plus up to celebrate the season we have had.”

“In particular it was important to acknowledge the hard work by the parents of our junior team and I couldn’t be prouder that the junior team won the Junior league.”

The kids have impressed me this year, particularly their team riding skills, so I am thrilled to see many youngsters progressing this season.”

“We have progressed so much as a club this year alone and I can’t wait to see what 2016 brings.”

The club had a track day on Sunday with work continuing on the surroundings. There was also a pre AGM to discuss all things elite league and the club’s stance on the Midland League before the Midlands AGM this Sunday in Coventry.

It’s been decided that trainings on Tuesday nights will be cancelled and will use some Sundays in the coming weeks, dates to be announced soon.

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