Underwood Get A Flyer

A good day was provided for us at Underwood in East Newport today as plenty turned up to race against a seriously weakened Monarchs team. Only Marc Phipps and Emily Pitt were able to make the trip to ride in a 3rd Division Challenge fixture so plenty of local kids had a chance to race and guest! The Birmingham select side managed to win 62-68 with Emily on 13 and Marc scored 10+2.

Some local senior riders were able to make up a 2nd Division standard as senior Monarchs Hodgkinson, Stevenson and Callow made up a Birmingham side along with Marc and Emily and 3 local youngsters.
The Flyers were too strong and took a comfortable win on the day with `Newport` veteran Colin Simmons top scoring but there were good showings from youngsters Ieuan Payne and Robbie Bowen whilst Birmingham `guest` Joe Walters did a great job as second joint scorer.

Hodgkinson and Phipps took wins whilst Emily Pitt got better with each race.

UNDERWOOD FLYERS 102 v Birmingham Monarchs 78 – Steve Hodgkinson 16+2, Marc Phipps 12+1, Richard Stevenson 9, Joe Walters (G) 12+1, Chris Callow 11, Emily Pitt 10+2, Logan Smith (G) 6, Blade Perry (G) 3.

Underwood are certainly doing the right thing with the kids. They could hardly raise a team last season but now have 30 youngsters having a go. A lot of local community involvement has seen their profile rise and interest in the sport and club has seen a positive effect.
A small club that is starting to flourish again. Its delightful to see.
Many thanks to all for looking after us.

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