Duo Make Finals

Monarchs will be represented in both the Open and Women’s finals today at Bury as riders will be looking to battle the elements to win the blue ribbon events.

Emily Pitt story is something from a film script as the youngster this time last year was taking her first pedals into the sport and will now be lining up in the final against some of the best female riders in the UK.

Pitt lines up at number eleven in the final which will take place at a soggy Bury this afternoon. No doubt Emily will be going out for a medal but everyone at Birmingham will be proud that Emily has made it to the final and as one of the top 16 female riders on show.

Emily in the Women's Final this weekend

Emily in the Women’s Final this weekend

In the Open Final Chris Timms will be looking to go further up the rostrum from last year as the Birmingham and England International will be taking the number six space in the final. Timms will have opposition in the final, though this year the entrants have been low, with Andy Angell looking to take his crown back as well as Lee Aris and Paul Heard who have alot of final experience.

Sadly Mark Winwood missed out on the Reprecharge on Sunday and will not make the final today.