AGM News:

Last night members of Birmingham Monarchs Cycle Speedway club met at Hamstead Social Club as they planned and looked towards the coming season.

The meeting saw a great turnout of members and riders as it showed the spirit of the club and “all muck in together” mentality of the Midlands outfit. Chairman Phil Widdas opened the meeting and started by announcing and confirming positions at the club.

Phil was elected as Chairman once more whilst Natalie Timms will look after secretary matters and Paul Timms will dust off his calculator as he will be the clubs treasurer. Team Manager will be Phil Widdas as Mark Winwood stepped aside due to commitments and Steve Hodgkinson will look after matters for the junior sides as the youngsters have been under his wing from the training sessions with the BMX club last summer.

Press officer and website duty will be with Richard Stevenson once more and club captain was unanimous as Chris Timms will take the armband for Birmingham once more.

Some good news from the meeting was the confirmation that Marcus Wadhams will be back at the club. Wadhams made a blast into the sport first time with his fast gating and he has been training hard in the gym as once more it shows once you get bitten by the Cycle Speedway bug it is hard to shake off!

Steve Hodgkinson raised a point regarding fixtures and due to the club only being in Midland League competition that there could be a possibility of challenge meetings. These will be decided once the fixture list has been confirmed so blank weekends can be highlighted and looked into. Other ideas were made by Hodgkinson as the club is looking to offer the recent influx of youngsters meaningful fixtures as well as the core training they will receive.

The committee members will meet up again just before the season begins but the feeling within the AGM was one of togetherness and all helping each other as the club looks to have a bright future.