No Brakes, No Gears, No Fear – Do You Want To Hit The Shale?

Do you or your friends want to take part in a fast adrenaline sport which requires speed, determination, team work and thrills and spills?


If the answer is yes then Cycle Speedway could be the sport for you. Birmingham Monarchs are a team based in Perry Hall Park and race most weekends between March and October. Racing is done on specially made bikes with no gears and no brakes! Races sees four riders do battle for four laps on a shale oval track.

As well as riding at Perry Hall Park the Monarchs also travel around the country as the sport has teams as far north as Edinburgh and Glasgow in Scotland, Newport in Wales, Norwich on the east coast and Exeter and Poole on the south coast.


Training takes part at Perry Hall Park on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s from March to October starting at 6pm and are carried out by our coaches. New riders are always welcome and we have spare bikes, gloves and helmets we just ask you dress fully clothed so if you tumble you have protection.

If you would like more information on the sport then please check the below link which will tell you more about the sport of Cycle Speedway, alternatively contact our chairman Phil Widdas on

Mark Winwood