Midlands AGM

Officials from all the Midland League sides met at Ashmore Park today as the Midland League looked to 2014.

This season has seen the divisions fixture list come up for criticism as the height of the summer saw blank weekends. Next year this is hoped to be rectified as well as the Midland League Riders Championships being moved to an earlier slot in the season.

The Midland League committee saw changes as Paul Bodley stepped down as Chairman and Bob Prince was voted in to take the helm with Mick Aris as vice-chairman. Steve Mullinder has also joined the committee as treasurer with Brian Buck and Mark Winwood remaining in their current roles.

Birmingham Monarchs will once more be at the tapes for Division 1 & 2 next year and have also joined Division 3 as the recent influx of youngsters will be able to get meeting experience against sides with young starters to the sport. The leagues will see the same sides that took part this year and there has been some whispers of Stoke looking to get back into sport.

The Monarchs requested for First Division fixtures to be able to have four riders to substitute for Nathan Groves, Mark Winwood and Scott Millward who could miss a few meetings next season due to work commitments. The riders are yet to be confirmed and authorised by the committee but once they have gone through we will bring you news of the riders.

During the meeting it was also announced that the Indoor Championships will be held at Coventry on 4th – 5th January. The annual meeting will be held at Connections where riders are currently training for the championships. Roger Ellis and David Jewkes have taken up the baton, and with help from Joe McLaughlin for the venue, to hold the event in the Midlands. It was agreed that all the Midlands teams will help during the weekend racing and a big thanks goes to David and Roger for coming forward and making sure that this great event goes ahead.