Monarchs Season Ends With Challenge

The Monarchs miserable season ended on Sunday with a farcical 1st team call off against East Park. Come start time only 5 Birmingham riders were present to compete forcing team manager Mark Winwood to forfeit the meeting.
Instead a scratch challenge meeting took place with some of East park riders racing for Birmingham.
The 1st 4 heats were drawn before j Whetton and White took a 7-3 in heat 5 – for Birmingham. Mark Winwood clashing on the 2nd bend that saw him pull out the heat and a 6-3 to the Wolves narrow at 35-34.
Dave Ball (a Wolf who is used to riding for the Monarchs this season) had a meeting he will want to forget. 3 clashes, 2 falls including several spokes going missing in one of his first 3 heats saw him vent his frustration at the supposed `challenge` nature of the racing!
Heat advantages in heats 7-9 saw the visitors take a 5 point lead, the Monarchs hitting back with a 7-3 in heat 10 – Jamie Whetton controlling the 1st bend that allowed his team partner for the day Hodgkinson to race away.
Despite a 6-3 against in heat 11 5 further drawn heats left the gap at 5 points. A monarchs maximum in the penultimate heat saw us one point down going into the final heat. Jack Hibberd made no mistake gating from grid 4 to ensure this was a narrow Wolves win – even tho it was actually announced as a drawn meet on the day!

Scratch Challenge
Birmingham Monarchs 89 – M Winwood 15, P timms 13, Jamie Ball 12, jamie Whetton 11(paid maximum), hodgkinson 10, Dave Ball 9, Will Cartwright 8, widdas 5, white 5, hancox, 1.
East Park Wolves 90 – hibberd 17, B whetton, smith 15, j kemp 11, draisy 10, l kemp 10, hill 4, Josh whetton 4, L cartwright 3.

The official 2nd Division fixture went ahead as the Monarchs were forced to track 3 senior riders due to the late arrival of Rhys and Ryan.
The meeting started all drawn with Widdas winning the opener, a further drawn heat in heat 3 kept things tight – Hancox taking an impressive win.
The solid Wolves however were able to pick off heat advantages to slowly build a lead, at the half way stage it was a 6 point gap but 3 consecutive heat advantages saw the visitors start to edge clear and by heat 9 it was 38-52.
The Monarchs hit back with a confident 7-3 over Will Cartwright, Rhys and Ewan starring in that heat.
A controversial heat to finish things off as what looked like a 7-3 to finish for the Wolves saw Brandon Whetton excluded for not trying whilst Rhys Winwood nicked the win on the line.
Both Ryhs and Ewan had good meetings , Ewan dropping a single point, Recent debutants Connor Steele and Mark Phipps may have found the pace a little too hot again but put in effort that should pay off next season.

Division 2
Birmingham Monarchs 60 – hancox 13+2, Rhys Winwood 12, widdas 11, p timms 6, Ryan Winwood 6, phipps 6, steele 3, hodgkinson 3.
East Park Wolves 69 – hill 13, jamie whetton 12(maximum), jake white 9+4, w cartwright 9, l cartwright 8+2, l kemp 7+1(maximum), josh whetton 7+1, B whetton 4.