Timms Appointment: Weekend Review

This weekend sees the final Eurovets round of 2013 as well as the final Elite League fixtures as the season starts to wind down.

Saturday sees the ORCHID Eurovets take the final round at Wednesfield. Birmingham’s Paul Timms has one hand on the trophy, but the rider known as “gentleman Paul” is not thinking of the title just yet as he negotiates Ashmore Park.

Steve Hodgkinson is locked in third place with Horpsath’s Mike Burgess and will be hoping to pick up the third place trophy, though in fairness if Hodgkinson misses out he should be proud on his debut year in the event.

Sunday sees Birmingham again at Ashmore Park as they take on Wednesfield Aces. Both sides have had contrasting seasons with Wednesfield battling for honours at the start and a top three place in the Elite League is on the cards while Birmingham will be glad the season is over.

In the earlier fixture between the sides at Sandwell the Aces came out 99-76 winners as Paul Heard and Chris Timms were top scorers for both sides. In the combination fixture Wednesfield took the honours 74-55 as Lee Kemp was top scorer with Bob Prince giving good support.

Finally everyone at Birmingham Monarchs would like to congratulate Natalie Timms on her appointment of Women’s League Manager.


Birmingham Monarchs 76: Winwood 8+1, Groves 12+2, Evans 8+1, C.Timms 17, Ball 7+2, Jones 16, J.Kemp 4+2, P.Timms 4

Wednesfield Aces 99: Johnson 15+1, Jewkes 11+1, L.Aris 9+2, M.Haddock 8+1, Heard 19. Marchant 11+1, Griffiths 15+1, Docherty 8+2, Allen 3

Combination Fixture

Birmingham Monarchs 55: Prince 10+1, L.Kemp 13+1, Hodgkinson 6+2, Hancox 7+1, Widdas 8, Stevenson 6+1, N.Timms 2+2, Callow 2+1

Wednesfield Aces 74: Allen 12+1, M.Aris 8+1, Everitt 11+4, H.Rowley 11, Meanley 11, Berwick 9, G.Rowley 7+1, Dyke 5