Stellar Field In Second City Trophy

 This Saturday sees some of the top riders in the sport descend on Perry Park as the Second City Trophy is up for grabs but also a bigger prize is on the line.


Birmingham captain Chris Timms is eager to go down under to Australia this winter with the rest of the leading British riders to do battle. Timms has managed to field a star lineup for the occasion with Chris himself in the mix with fellow Monarch rider Mark Winwood.

Coventry’s Myke Grimes and East Park’s David Ball who are secondary to Birmingham will be at the tapes as well as Aces riders Lee Aris, Chris Jewkes and Ricki Johnson. The lineup is still to be confirmed as the event will be refereed by Grade A International ref Wayne Aris.

Aside of the great racing there will also be a raffle with proceeds going to Chris’s Australia fund. Racing begins at 5pm on Saturday at Perry Park with admission free of charge and refreshments on sale.

Current Lineup – not in racing order

Lukasz Nowacki, Lee Aris, Mark Boaler, Ricki Johnson, Pawel Idziorek, Mark Carmichael, Chris Timms, Myke Grimes, Chris Jewkes, Matt Smith, David Ball, Jack Hibberd, Mark Winwood

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