Nomads Win In Last Heat Decider

Northumbria Nomads grabbed the win from the hands of defeat in a good spirited friendly at Perry Park.

With some of Newcastle’s riders taking part in the Eurovets event later in the day, Birmingham and Newcastle took the opportunity to put on a challenge fixture with a return meeting next month. Birmingham used the meeting to field a side with a good mix of experience and youth with captain Mark Winwood spearheading the side with East Park and Monarch rider David Ball. Bretford charger Lee Kemp was also the six rider lineup which also featured youngsters Reece Winwood, Jake Ryan and Richard Stevenson.

Lee Kemp went through the card with a 16 point maximum and was backed up well by Winwood and Ball. Jake Ryan missed his first ride due to traffic problems getting to the track but once on track the young Monarch showed his track craft with good team riding and with a little more confidence Jake is a all rounder for the second team. The Nomads had Renshaw and Latimer on top form as well as the husband and wife pairing of Andy and Christine Amos Adams though Andy had a nasty spill on the back straight when his chain came off his bike. Showing discomfort Andy went back to the pits but after dusting himself down came out in the nominated heat to clinch victory for the visitors.

Birmingham would like to thank Newcastle/Northumbria for the challenge fixture and the Monarchs will be looking forward for the return leg as well as possibly more challenge meetings like this next season.


Birmingham Monarchs 53: L.Kemp 16, M.Winwood 13+3, Ball 13, R.Winwood 8+1, Stevenson 9, Ryan 4

Northumbria Nomads 55: Latimer 12+1, Redshaw 12, A Amos-Adams 10+2, C Amos-Adams 10+1, Wharrier 8, Keith 5, Graham 4+1