Monarchs Sent To Coventry: Midland League Preview



Birmingham fresh from the home defeat to Poole travel to Coventry for Midland League action tomorrow evening (19.30 start)

The Monarchs have struggled this season in the Elite League but in the Midland League the West Midlands side have looked more settled. The two sides locked horns at Perry Park on the 2nd July as a tough close tussle ended with Coventry taking the points with a 92-84 win.

Coventry had Myke Grimes and Konrad Pietek to thank with 18 and 19 points respectively who ride for Birmingham on secondary licences. Captain Chris Timms and Mark Winwood were both on cracking form as was Bob Prince as the home side just had one rider less to beat the Warwickshire side.

This time round Chris Timms leads a side without Nathan Groves due to holiday and a hand injury to Mark Winwood puts question marks over if he will make the lineup and his gating ability. Leading Eurovets riders Paul Timms and Stephen Hodgkinson will be in the side as rising star Ewan Hancox will be in the lineup.

Coventry have alot of good youngsters to pick from with Mason Phillips, Jake Slatter and James Kirrane. The Hearsall Common side will no doubt have the experienced pair of Joe McLaughlin and Dave Frith in the side and possibly Norman Venson with the dynamic duo of Grimes and Pietek looking to do the double on Birmingham.