Monarchs Run Poole Close

Birmingham showed their spirit as they came close but just missed out as Poole carried on the charge to the Elite title.

The Monarchs had Nathan Groves missing due to holiday whilst Mark Winwood put himself into the Combination side after injuring himself whilst on holiday. Poole came without some of their top Polish riders but the nine man side still had Steve Harris, Tom Reed as well as Leyton Glover and Phil Howells.

Grimes: Top scorer for Birmingham

Grimes: Top scorer for Birmingham


From heat one Poole took a narrow 6-4 advantage and never lost the lead from there. Heat two saw Monarchs captain Chris Timms take the flag ahead of Reed and Morgan after David Ball battled hard at the back to split the Poole riders. Heat four saw Chris Parish take the win after coming back from injury. Poole packed in for second and third as Paul Timms never gave up as he tried to pass Harris.

Heats five and six saw Poole claim maximum 7-3’s to stretch their lead to 36-24 but then Glover was judged to move at the start line and was disqualified from heat seven. Alec Szymanski claimed the win in the re-run but with Myke Grimes and Parish finishing behind the Pole Birmingham took a slight advantage. Just before the interval more luck went Birmingham’s way as from the start Phil Howells pedal broke and whilst Aaron Morgan won the heat Paul Timms and Joe Kemp got the minor places to make it 56-42 at the break to Poole.

After the break Poole hit the ground running with a 7-3 from Howells and Reed. Heat eleven Chris Timms slipped as Glover went to take victory but it was action at the back as Timms dived up the inside of Szymanski and made it a 5-5 heat. Heat twelve saw Birmingham take a advantage as Myke Grimes and Chris Parish claimed a 6-4 as Tom Reed slipped off whilst in second place.

Heat fifteen saw controversy as Chris Timms was excluded as the England rider was judged to caught his leg on an opponent. In the re-run Poole easily made a 7-2 to put them 84-63 ahead. Heat sixteen then saw Tom Reed excluded for the same reason. Anger spilt into the pits as referee Mick Knowles had to calm the tensions between the two sides. In the last heat Glover was excluded for going beyond the track limits but the 6-3 did little to stop Poole taking the points back home to Dorset.

Birmingham Monarchs 77:  Parish 10+2, Grimes 15, C.Timms 11+1, Ball 10+2, J.Kemp 6+3, Pietek 13, P.Timms 7, Riley 5+2

Poole Comets 98: Harris 13+1, Gulowski 14+2, Morgan 17+1, Reed 10+2, Glover 7, Szymanski 15+2, Smith 10, Howells 12, Bristow DNR

In the Combination fixture Lee Kemp top scored for the Monarchs as Mark Winwood claimed 11 points with an injured finger. Natalie Timms had a bad tumble in heat two but carried on in the meeting as Chris Callow also did well on his home debut.

Birmingham 52: L.Kemp 13, Hancox 4, Widdas 6, N.Timms 3, Hodgkinson 7, Stevenson 4, Winwood 11, Callow 4

Poole 78: Bristow 12, Albin 10, Chant 16, Briggs 9, Sidwick 15, Instone 13, Garnett 5

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