Mouthwatering Ties at Birmingham

Birmingham’s Perry Park is the place to be on Saturday 24th August as the British Open Qualifiers take place. The three qualifiers will see the top three from each advance to the final with the rest going to Leicester on Sunday 25th to take part in the repechages.

The draws have brought up some great looking battles as the first semi final takes place at 12noon. Two time British Champion and defending holder Andy Angell takes his space in Semi 1 as he faces Sheffield team mate Ryan Hoyland as well as previous champion Lee Aris. The trio will find it tough as home rider Nathan Groves as well as Jamie Ball, Mark Griffiths and Thomas Reed are in the lineup.

In semi 2 England International Steve Harris will be looking to make the top three as Mark Carmichael, Ben Mould and Mark Boaler will be looking to muscle into the final. David Ball has been impressive for East Park and Birmingham and will be in the mix with young charger Lewis Roberts.


Semi 3 sees home riders Chris Timms and Mark Winwood do battle to make the Coventry final though it looks a tough draw with Chris Jewkes, Adam Stephenson, Paul Heard, Jack Harrold and Myke Grimes all in the lineup there will be shocks going to Slater Street the next day.
Semi 1 – 12:00
1 Leon Mower Ipswich CSC
2 Lee Aris Wolverhampton Whls
3 Ashley Hill Ipswich CSC
4 Aaron Herbert Exeter Aces CSC
5 Mark Griffiths Wednesfield Aces CSC
6 Thomas Reed Exeter Aces CSC
7 Ryan Hoyland Sheffield Stars CSC
8 Blank 5
9 Ricki Johnson Wednesfield Aces CSC
10 Blank 2
11 Andrew Angell Hull CSC
12 Zac Payne Horspath CSC
13 Nathan Groves Birmingham Monarchs CSC
14 Joshua Hill East Park Wolves CSC
15 Jamie Ball East Park Wolves CSC
16 Oliver Buxton Hethersett Hawks CSC

Semi 2 – 13:45
17 Mark Carmichael Newport CSC
18 Richard Stevenson Birmingham Monarchs CSC
19 Jake Read Stockport (2006) CSC
20 Jack Hibberd East Park Wolves CSC
21 Neil Hollebon Hellingly Lions CSC
22 David Ball East Park Wolves CSC
23 Blank 4
24 Ben Mould Wednesfield Aces CSC
25 Blank 1
26 Craig Marchant Wednesfield Aces CSC
27 Scott Doherty Wednesfield Aces CSC
28 Jamie Chittock Ipswich CSC
29 Connor Simpson Stockport (2006) CSC
30 Steve Harris Poole CSC
31 Lewis Roberts Ipswich CSC
32 Mark Boaler Horspath CSC

Semi 3 – 15:15

33 Chris Jewkes Wednesfield Aces CSC

34 Blank 6
35 Jordan Stant Ipswich CSC
36 Blank 3
37 Lewis Osborne Ipswich CSC
38 Paul Heard Wednesfield Aces CSC
39 Jack Harrold Newport CSC
40 Myke Grimes Coventry CSC
41 Joe Kemp East Park Wolves CSC
42 Adam Stephenson Hull CSC
43 Chris Timms Birmingham Monarchs CSC
44 Mark Winwood Birmingham CSC
45 Daniel Chambers Hethersett Hawks CSC
46 Nicky Whitehead Leicester CSC
47 Arron Morgan Poole CSC
48 Will Cartwright East Park Wolves CSC