Stars Shine Through

Sheffield cameback from losing in the interval to win against a spirited Birmingham side at The Graves.

With changeable conditions both sides had to battle in the sun and rain as the track changed between grippy and close to waterlogged. Heat 1 saw the first piece of drama with Jamie Ball being excluded as Birmingham took a 7-2 lead with Chris Timms defending Myke Grimes to the tapes. Heat 2 saw some close racing as Nathan Groves and Olly Riley filled in the spaces as honours were shared.

Heat 3 then saw Sheffield fall to another exclusion as Jake Reed took Kieron Jones out wide on the fourth bend. In the re-run Idizorek took the flag ahead of Jones and Paul Timms. Heat 5 saw a second exclusion to Jamie Ball as this time the referee judged the Scotland International of giving Mark Winwood not much room as they battled for third place. Chris Timms took the re-run as Ryan Hoyland beat Winwood as the Monarchs lead by seven.

The tables turned though in the next two heats as the Stars claimed back to back 7-3’s with Matt Smith and Pawel Idizorek once more taking the flag first and putting the Yorkshire side in the lead. Just before the interval Birmingham got a 6-4 as David Ball beat a hard charging Jake Reed as Winwood finished ahead of Handke to put it 44-43 to Birmingham at the break.

After the break Idizorek carried on his unbeaten run as the Polish rider with Hoyland got the third 7-3 for Sheffield to retake the lead from the Midlanders. Heat 11 saw David Ball get his marching orders as he was judged to move at the tapes and though Jones won the heat Sheffield packed in the minor places for a 5-4. Heat 12 then saw Nathan Groves excluded as he put a move on Matt Smith. Smith and Ball were able to make a 7-2 from the restart and put Sheffield further ahead.

Heat 14 saw another exclusion for Birmingham, this time Kieron Jones moving at the tapes and another 7-2 went to the home side. From there Sheffield had all but won the meeting as in the last heat Pawel Idizorek made sure of a maximum.

Sheffield Stars 94:   Smith 12, Ball 9, Hewitson 13, Holland 5, Reed 8, Idizorek 20, Handke 12, Hoyland 11, Hudson 4

Monarchs 80:   Grimes 16, C.Timms 15, Riley 9, Groves 6, Jones 10, P.Timms 6, Ball 6, Winwood 12


In the Combination fixture Sheffield had good strength in there side with riders from Leicester Monarchs. Michelle Whitehead and Niall Morton scored well for the home side as Nathan Groves was unbeaten with Ollie Riley and Steve Hodgkinson impressing with team riding

Sheffield 71:   Holland 6+1, Brown 8, L.Whitehead 9+2, M.Whitehead 12+1, Parratt 12+1, Morton 11+3, Hudson 4, Watson 9+2

Monarchs 58:   Riley 10, Hodgkinson 13+1, Groves 16, Hancox 7, N.Timms 5, Stevenson 7