Honours Shared At Perry: Weekend Review

Birmingham and Wednesfield shared honours at a sun drenched Perry Park on Sunday.

With the weather pushing 30 degrees if not higher riders of both sides were praised for their efforts on a long afternoon of racing.

Birmingham had Scott Millward and Steve Hodgkinson on the on the sidelines with injury and also a couple of riders were missing due to other commitments.

The Monarchs faced the Aces first off and with Wednesfield boasting a Elite look to their side the result was only going to go one way with the away side 55-34 up at the interval. The second half did not see the visitors put the foot off the gas as they made it past the 100 point barrier.

Captain Chris Timms once more was top scorer as he had good support from Nathan Groves who is having a great season and Mark Winwood both with 12 points.


Birmingham 68: Groves 12, Widdas 7, C.Timms 14, Prince 10, M.Winwood 12, P.Timms 7, R.Stevenson 3 ,N.Timms 3

Aces 100: Jewkes 17, Johnson 14, L.Aris 15, Griffiths 15, Heard 17, Haddock 16, G.Rowley 6, Docherty 11


In the combination fixture there was alot of fun and games as Birmingham gave debuts to four new riders, two who had turned up that afternoon and had a go! Once more the away side were the winning side as Dylan Brooks raced to 18 points for the Aces as Reece Winwood had two fine wins as he finished with 16pts. Yves Zahouo impressed on his debut with 8pts as Michael Wright also finished with 8 as both lads have only had a couple of training sessions. The big cheer went to Scott Plumpton and Nathan McDonald who deserved more points for their entertainment on the track as they hit the dust on more than one occasion.

Birmingham 53: Ry. Winwood 7, Zahouo 8, Re.Winwood 16, Wright 8, McDonald 6, Plumpton 8

Wednesfield 76: H.Rowley 10, Brooks 18, C.Aris 12, W.Aris 3, A.Aris 12, Berwick 10, Dyke 11

Birmingham rounded off the afternoon by defeating the Dragons. The Monarchs fielded pretty much the same side with just Reece Winwood taking the place of Natalie Timms. The pairing of Bob Prince and Chris Timms proved fruitful as the duo scored to 7-3’s in the first six heats as Birmingham never looked back after taking the lead.

Nathan Groves was once more on the ball going through the card with a maximum along with Mark Winwood as the pair gave there all for Birmingham on a hot afternoon. Dave Meanley and Troy Allen were the best of the Dragons as they lost out 79-100

Birmingham 100: Groves 20, Re.Winwood 1, C.Timms 17, Prince 14, M.Winwood 20, P.Timms 16, Stevenson 6, Widdas 6

Dragons 79: H.Rowley 8, Meanley 13, Berwick 9, Everiss 11, M.Aris 9, Allen 15, Dyke 10, Ellitts 5