Hodgkinson On Sideline

Steve Hodgkinson has become the latest rider to get the injury jinx this season.

Steve who has come back into the sport after a long break soon found the groove and this year is lying in fourth place in the ORCHID Eurovets. Hodgkinson broke his scaphoid whilst riding against Coventry on Tuesday night after a couple of falls on the slippy Perry Park track.

Hodgkinson: On the sidelines

Hodgkinson: On the sidelines


Steve follows Chris Parish and Scott Millward who are currently injured for the West Midlands side. The diagnosis is that Hodgkinson could be out for six weeks and he is anxious to be fit for the next round of the Eurovets at Sandwell.

Since his comeback Steve has found his gating gloves pretty quickly after a awful debut at Ipswich when he fell and got injured! Since then though the local rider has been riding in the first and second teams in the Elite and Midland sides helping the likes of Chris Timms, Nathan Groves and Mark Winwood as well as passing on his knowledge to the younger members of the side.