Coventry Win In Local Derby

Birmingham lost out in a close local derby in the Midland League last night.

The Monarchs who were missing Nathan Groves and Scott Millward knew it would be a close meeting and so it would be as 8 points seperated the result.

Grimes: Top scorer for Coventry

Grimes: Top scorer for Coventry


In heat 2 a great battle between Chris Timms and Myke Grimes was won in the favour of the Birmingham captain who helped the scores stay even. Heat 3 saw Drewitt moving at the tapes and excluded which gifted Birmingham a 6-4 as Winwood took the flag.

The meeting was nip and tuck all the way and Coventry took the first 7-3 of the night as Pietak and Sensicall finished ahead of Paul Timms and Hexley. Heat 7 saw drama as Drewitt once more was moving at the tapes and a 7-3 was on the cards for the home side until Paul Timms had machine trouble when his pedal come off and failed to finish.



Heat 8 once more was a good battle this time between Chris and Pietak with the Polish rider just taking the win on the line. The visitors claimed a second 7-3 before the interval slot to give them a 46-40 lead.

Heat 13 saw Birmingham take an advantage as Mark Winwood lowered the colours of Pietak with Hodgkinson battling in third to close the gap on the visitors. Heat 15 saw a third 7-3 and with it victory for Coventry as Drewitt took the win after earlier start line troubles in the meeting. Birmingham finished on a flurry as Prince and Chris Timms claimed a 7-3 and then Mark Winwood once more got the better of Konrad Pietak to finish the meeting 84-92.

Winwood: In top form beating Pietak

Winwood: In top form beating Pietak


Birmingham 84: Prince 16+1, P.Timms 10+1, Hancox 7+1, C.Timms 18+1, Hodgkinson 10, Winwood 17+1, Stevenson 3+1, Hexley 3+1

Coventry 92: Kirrane 8, Pietak 18, Phillips 8+2, Grimes 19, Frith 15+1, Drewitt 6+1, McLaughlin 9+2, Sensicall 9+2