Ipswich Eagles v Birmingham Monarchs: Elite Preview

Monarchs at the tapes in Ipswich

Monarchs at the tapes in Ipswich


Birmingham travel to Ipswich this coming weekend looking to improve on the last trip to Suffolk last year.



Last season the Monarchs made the trip along the A14 with a depleted side due to work and other commitments. Paul Heard was the top scorer for the Midlands going through the card whilst Wadhams claimed 14 points. Chris Timms had a tough meeting picking up only 6 points as Steve Hodgkinson made his comeback and picked up 6 himself, though it will be remembered for his injury when he came out in his first heat.

Millward, Harrold were missing as some of the second team had to be drafted into the first team side. Ipswich went past the century mark as Leon Mower was top scorer just a point ahead of Brooke, Stant, Chittock.

In the second team Mark Winwood top scored as he could not take his place in the first team due to his ban. Once more Ipswich were the stronger of the two sides with Terry Gilbert-Rolfe going through the card.

This weekend will no doubt see a more closer contest as Birmingham will have a more strength in depth look about them. Once more question marks will be on Millward, his hand injury hindering him from getting to the track. Captain Chris Timms has been in usual Monarch form and has got good back up with the strong Welsh duo, Dave Ball and Chris Parrish.

The home side have struggled so far this season as well. Manager Mark Winwood will not be underestimating the Eagles as the young side have riders who on their day can cause upsets.

Ipswich 109 : Leon Mower 17, Josh Brooke 16 , Jordan Stant 16, Jamie Chittock 16 , Lewis Roberts 12, Ashley Hill 11, Charlie Rumbold 11, Matthew Hill 10 .

Birmingham 67 : Paul Heard 20 , Marcus Wadhams 14, Paul Timms 8 , Steve Hodginson 6, Chris Timms 6 , Reece Winwood 5, Phil Widdas 4, Ewan Hancox 4 .

Ipswich 96 : Terry Gilbert – Rolfe 16 , Richard Fellgett 14 , Will Clarke 13 , Jack Chaplin 12 , Phil Clarke 12 , Daniel Knights 11 , Fraser Harris 8 .

Birmingham 44 : Mark Winwood 13 , Ewan Hancox 10 , Reece Winwood 8 , Jake Ryan 5 , Richard Stevenson 4 , Ryan Winwood 4 .
Referee : Terry Ashford ( Suffolk )