Nicky Evans: Future Looking Good For Welsh Racing

Evans: Newport and Birminghams new recruit

Evans: Newport and Birminghams new recruit


Birmingham have had a tough start to the Elite League this season and with a trip to Ipswich on the horizon the Monarchs will be looking to get some points on the board against another side that have found it tough. This season the West Midlands side have a few new faces in the pits and we spoke to one of them, Nicky Evans, who has had a great start of the year with Birmingham and his regional side Newport.




You are riding for Birmingham in the Elite this season, how did that deal come along and how are you finding riding for the club and with the rest of the lads? 

If I am honest it was a last minute idea. I called fellow welsh team mate Mark Winwood on the last day of the transfer deadline and just asked him “Would I be welcome to join Birmingham in 2014 on a secondary licence to give me the opportunity to race in the top league with the build up to Australia”? The answer was “yes, of course”. Joining Birmingham this season will act as a bit of a reprieve for me aswell I suppose, as Wales and Newport Manager, this secondary choice will allow me to focus more on my racing rather than managing. It’s only been two matches, It’s going to take a while for me to get to know all the riders properly, but so far so good!

You have had one meeting at Sandwell, how would you rate the track? 

It is a good racing track, but not one of my favourites if I’m being honest! 

This season you must be really happy with your riding as your scoring well with Monarchs and riding high in the regional league for Newport? 

Yes I’m happy with how I’ve started. Its only early season, still got alot to keep working on, but I’m hoping to have my best season for the past few years.

 Birmingham have had a tough start to the season so far how do you feel the season will pan out? 

Like I said earlier, I think it will take a few matches for all the new riders to gel together. I suppose this will be the case for the management aswell as their is alot to analyse and suss out with new group of riders, finding the best pairings etc..
But from what I hear there are a few lads of high quality that haven’t been available yet for one reason or another, I’m sure when they come in we will shock a few teams as we are probably going to be very underestimated this season.

 Have you set any targets for yourself or the teams you ride for? 

Of course, with Newport I have set a few targets for the next 3 years , our biggest aim this year is to win our regional league.
With Wales, I keep my plans in house, we have a very talented squad and with a bit more self belief they all have the ability to achieve any target or level I aspire to.

 The Home International is coming up in June and the re-arranged Celtic Cup. Surely you will be in contention to get in the side? 

Like I said Wales have a very talented squad, everyone is passionate and hungry to wear that shirt. I think we have 3 riders who are definates on racedays but the other 2 selected will be purely on current form, which is going to be a tough call knowing everybody’s form at the present moment in time. One thing I will say though, is I’m just as hungry as every other rider in the welsh squad to wear my countries shirt on raceday.