Natalie Timms: Womens Racing Has Bright Future

Natalie Timms

Natalie Timms

 Birmingham Monarchs Website caught up with Natalie Timms this week to ask her about the future of Women’s league racing, her fantasy 1-7 all female side and also advice for any young girls who are looking at taking up the sport at Perry Park.

Natalie rides for Birmingham as well as being registered with local side Wednesfield Aces and has followed the footsteps of brother Chris and father Paul into the shale sport.

Hi Natalie well I guess firstly what got you into Cycle Speedway and also at the time was there many girls racing at the time?

After I had had my two girls I started to spend a lot of time with my dad. My brother signed for Wednesfield so I used to go up there track every weekend. It was Charlie Ellitts that got me on a bike, they needed one more rider to enter the women’s team. There wern’t as many women as there is now. Although a few of them have retired.

You race with alot of the current stars of women’s racing, who should we be looking out for in the future?

Ellie Sullivan. She has really shocked me this year she is so fast. There are also a couple of girls from Leicester that are looking good, they have some great role models there too.

Charlie Ellitts: Introduced Natalie to Cycle Speedway

Charlie Ellitts: Introduced Natalie to Cycle Speedway

You have raced for a little time at Birmingham now and have been the only female rider at the club. How does that feel?

I love racing for Birmingham. I have grown up with all the guys there they are like family to me, and me being female makes no difference all the guys look out for me. I here their has been some interest from a few other girls to join the club to which is great news.

As touched on before at the moment there is alot of talented female riders racing currently. If you had to pick a ultimate 1-7 all girls team who would you pick and why?

Too right there are! Top of my list would be Lucy whitehead #1 rider for me she is my Cycle Speedway idol.

Lauren Jacobs: 2012 Champion

Lauren Jacobs: 2012 Champion

Charlie Ellits (as captain) you can’t have a women’s meeting without her she is the life an sole of the pits! Lauren Jacobs, British champion say no more. Lauren Hookway/Charlie Jane Herbert very similar riders always on the rostrum. Lauren Davies no explanation needed she makes Andy angel look slow (no offence intended) Vicky brown she always seems to be in the mix not afraid to get stuck in.
This is a really hard question but they are all great an have their own different qualitys.

Vicky Brown: Sheffield speedster gets in Natalie's team

Vicky Brown: Sheffield speedster gets in Natalie’s team

If there is any girls out there thinking of taking up the sport but are unsure, what tips or advice would you give them?

Well it’s not for the faint hearted as it is a contact sport, but it’s good fun and you get to travel the country an maybe the world if you stick at it. You also make lots of friends as we’re a loverly bunch. It’s also great for keeping fit, proven to be one of the best cardio vascular work outs.

Congratulations on the birth of your child and perhaps another Timms on the shale in the future! How did it feel coming back to racing a couple of weeks ago in Newport?

Thank you yes we have a Timms/Jewkes British champ on our hands here!!
I was a little bit apprehensive starting back up but excited at the same time. My fitness was a lot better than I expected but I do need to do some work on my legs (i’ll never be a British champion but I just love being a part of such a great friendly sport) I’m looking forward to next match.

So could we see you soon in the red and white of Birmingham?

Yes definately, I can’t wait! I think it’s going to be around the end of June so still got abit of time for some training.

Davies: Leicester star making Timms 1-7

Davies: Leicester star making Timms 1-7

Finally what do you think the future holds for Women’s racing?

  • After consulting with Ian Brown and with abit more publicising of women’s racing it will defiantely be improving.. I think the next step is women’s Premier/Elite League racing although I do think we do need a few more riders for it to be successful.

Thanks to Natalie for taking the time to answer the questions and we look forward to seeing her take to the track soon and hopefully inspire local girls to take up the shale sport.