“New faces shows status of the club” Timms looks to 2013

With the season just under a month away riders cannot wait for the tapes to go up. Birmingham Monarchs website caught up with the sides captain Chris Timms to see his thoughts on the past season as well as looking forward to what holds in store for the Midlands club.





Looking back over last season how do you feel it went from your perspective as well as Birmingham’s?

Looking back on last year I couldn’t of wished for a better start to be honest. However it did start to go downhill with a few of the riders struggling to attend matches and the likes of Konrad, a key rider in the squad, having to work abroad was a big blow in the strength of our club.

Have you set yourself any goals/targets for the season ahead?

Well I set myself targets every year. Obviously I want to win every competition I enter for but at the end of the day it all adds up to luck I guess! I am just gonna aim to keep a cool head and train hard all year round.

Birmingham have a few new faces come in during the off season. How do you think the new recruits will fair?

It is great to see new faces in our club and just seeing that we have attracted riders from various parts of the country just shows the status of our Birmingham Monarchs and that many people want to be apart of it.

What do you think of Birmingham’s chances this year in the Elite and Midland leagues?

This year is going to be tough I think although we gained some very good riders on secondary licences. We have lost some very good riders on a first licence which is a shame as both riders are good friends of mine. They both left for their individual reasons and I wish them luck there is no ill feelings. We do have a strong lineup and any teams that underestimate us should beware!

Timms in England action

Timms in England action


It was announced at the AGM that you will be captain for the forthcoming campaign. How do you feel about being given that responsibility?

I have been captain several times in the past for Birmingham so it is nothing new to me however this year I do want to take it more seriously as I am known for my aggression on the track. I do not think that is a bad thing as it shows my passion but I do feel I need to control it a little and this responsibility will help me keep focussed on my team mates and motivating the team.

Chris Picture

With the British Open this year being held at Coventry no doubt there will be Monarchs support for you. You made the final last year at a very wet Newport, what do you think of your chances of making the podium this year?

Well me and the Coventry track do not get on I am afraid but I guess the track is the same for everyone with nobody having a huge advantage apart from possibly Miek Grimes. It should create some great racing and I have no doubt at all that Joe Mcloughlin along with Coventry CSC will provide a great show.

How has your preperation been going over the winter? 

I have not been able to prepare myself for this year as over the winter I sustained a wrist injury badly breaking my scaphoid. I underwent surgery on Christmas Eve and recently had the cast come off so I have just started to train and will be digging deep!

Ah yes you had a tumble at Leicester towards the end of the season, least you had the off season to recoup.

Like I said my wrist is out of the cast now but the movement is still restricted. I am currently going through physiotherapy on the wrist so by the season start it will be like new otherwise I will have to have one of them famous cans of man up!